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Info on J&K Coatings Warranty

-Since J&K Roof Coating owns the manufacturing facility for our coatings we are the sole holder of our warranty saving time for the customer.

J&K Coatings Warranty.

-All of J&K Roof Coatings are warrantied for a minimum period of 10 years not to rust through, peel or delaminate from the surface we apply it to including labor and material. 

-J&K Roof Coating also offers a warranty to repair any leaks for a period of 10 years if a full system is done including labor and material.

The Competitions Warranty

-All other roof coating contractors will buy their coatings from a supply house or third party manufacturer causing conflict when there is a warranty issue.

-The contractor will usually blame the manufacturer for coating failure and the manufacturer will usually blame the contractor for improper installation or application when something goes wrong, typically resulting in a non warrantied repair or no repair at all.

-If you do have to contact the manufacturer there usually is a long drawn out process with lots of paperwork involved taking weeks or months to get resolved.

-Most warranties that involve 2 parties will usually end up not covered or in a lawsuit that is settled for much less than the repair cost.

-Most warranties will also only cover material and not labor allowing a contractor to charge whatever they feel needed for labor on a warrantied repair.

-Many warranties will be voided if there is an issue (such as a leak in a rain storm) and the building owner puts any amount of another brand of product on top of their coating.

-Many warranties have an escape clause such as if the roof is not washed or inspected once a year the warranty will be voided.

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4126 48th Street
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Phone: (616) 836-7896